TOURS-APP for the Client

A simple yet beautiful and easy to use App that puts you in direct contact with thousands of tour operators in the world. The principle is simple, yet unique so far. The client has an App listing thousands of tours and the tour operator drivers each have their own app where they can publish, adjust or discount their tours. When a client makes a booking, the driver is instantly informed on his App allowing clients to make bookings at the very last minute for any tours available.


  • Tours App lists thousands of different tour options across 7 continents.

  • Tours App is multi lingual.

  • Tours-App is used to select, book, pay for and view past and future tour bookings.

  • Tours-App has a live link directly to the Driver App. This keeps the client updated with new deals and new tours as and when they are added by the tour operator.

  • Tours-App:

    Tours Tab:

    Home screen lists continents to narrow down your search.

    Deals Tab:

    Provides you with the latest specials available in your location of choice.

    Near Me Tab:

    Uses your GPS to tell you where there are Points Of Interest.

    My Account Tab:

    Allows you to view your Past and Future bookings and enter reviews on tours you've completed.

    About Tab:

    Information and contact details if you have any questions.